Falmer Court - event space, studio, shoots, location house in Sussex
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Falmer court is an English country estate located in Sussex, England. The grounds include a Georgian Manor House and The Great Thatched Barn- an English tithe barn which dates back to the 13th century. Falmer Court can be used for shoots, events and film sets. 

Falmer Court

Falmer Court is a small English country estate, set within the village of Falmer, East Sussex, and has a history which dates back to Medieval times. 

Falmer Court house, was originally at least two houses (one being the rectory for St Lawrence church in the 16th century, and the other, a farm house,) was joined together in 1760, to become Georgian Manor House that you see today.

The house also has some real history, formerly used as a court house, a war time hospital, and farm.

In the late 1940’s, Court farm, (as it was known then,) was the farm and home to the Huxam family for almost 70 years.

Restored in 2016, it is now back to its Georgian roots, and is home to the Woolley family.

The Great Thatched Barn

Event Space – Studio – Venue

The ‘Great Thatched Barn’ that is situated on the estate, is believed to be the largest Medieval Barn in Sussex. The mid-thirteenth century tithe barn was formerly used by Lewes parish monks to hold corn and other agriculture.

Since then, the estate has been held by Anne of Cleaves, Thomas Cromwell and the Earl of Chichester.

In 2016, we started the planning and heritage process of restoring the barn to become one of the leading venue’s in the UK for Photography, film and events.

During this process the barn is available to use for rustic events, location photo shoots, and creative shows.

The target date for completing the restoration is Summer 2020.


Over 2018-2019, we have landscaped a Formal Garden infant of the main house at F...

Over 2018-2019, we have landscaped a Formal Garden infant of the main house at F...

Over 2018-2019, we have landscaped a Formal Garden infant of the main house at F...

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