The Formal Garden - Falmer Court
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The Formal Garden

The Formal Garden

Over 2018-2019, we have landscaped a Formal Garden infant of the main house at Falmer Court. Falmer court resident gardener and landscaper, Noel, carefully designed the site to include classic geometry patterns, elegance and traditional British plants.

In order to celebrate the British Countryside, buxus and yew bushes were used. With a water feature standing proudly in the middle, a focal point for inspiration. Mark Woolley, owner and resident of Falmer Court describes the new garden as, “An English Oasis, and somewhere to really get the feel of what Falmer court is about”

There have been many stages to the project, each important parts of the development. We began by digging out the area and preparing the soil in order. Next, we enjoyed laying the design and finalising plans, rolling out the grass and planting the bushes and flowers. Finally, the installation of the water fountain will finish the project.

By spring, the formal gardens will be a haven of flowering plants. An important part of the Falmer Estate eco-system, and an inspiration to guests and visitors to Falmer Court.