VIP Mezzanine Salon - Falmer Court
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VIP Mezzanine Salon

VIP Mezzanine Salon

Part of the overall vision of The Great Thatched Barn was to have a beautiful yet functional salon attached, that can be used both for VIP clients and to complete the hair for shoots, events and catwalks. 

The space for the salon is positioned to the top of the barn at a mezzanine level. We restored the original spiral staircase from the barn, allowing for clients, stylists and models to make their way into the top level, where they can have their hair coloured, cut and styled with a full view of the barn and architecture. 

We have designed new portable styling sections to allow for an adaptable and professional salon space, tested with stylists and clients for high performance and ultimate comfort. Keep an eye out for more information!

To build this space, all of the #ElectricFamily were involved in securing the vision and plans, clearing and tidying the mezzanine level, as well as adding the finishing touches to the space!