Photoshoot for Wisdom Clothing - Falmer Court Photoshoot for Wisdom Clothing
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Photoshoot for Wisdom Clothing

Photoshoot for Wisdom Clothing

Earlier this year, we hosted a shoot for Wisdom Clothing. Wisdom Clothing is a new snowboarding, surfing and skating clothing range, therefore needed a cutting edge campaign shoot for their new website.

We set up in The Great Thatched Barn, with original VW beetles and minivans for a casual lifestyle shoot. On set, we had photographer Kenny McKracken and styling by Harrison Woolley. Mark Woolley and The Electric Hair Art Team created the hair. Models were prepped and dressed, each with unique styles to suit the snow, ocean or concrete textures. This matched with Wisdom’s unique t-shirt design.

The Interior of the medieval barn ensured a variety of backgrounds could be shot, including stone worked walls and the beam work in the barn. The Great Thatched Barn has 11,000 square foot of space- certainly Wisdom had enough space to create their vision!

Wisdom Clothing visioned complimented the finished shots highly. Creating a casual, yet fashion forward look. The stylistic, location and photography elements came together perfectly. 

We look forward to working with Wisdom Clothing in the future and seeing what more the brand produce.