Traditional Slate Roof - Falmer Court
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Traditional Slate Roof

Traditional Slate Roof

Although the vast majority of the the 11,000 square is thatched there is a slate roof to the lower level on the north side. Alongside our re-thatching, we also restored the welsh slate on the north side.

As you can see from the images below, several of the tiles were broken or dirty and aged.
The roof was first stripped, and oak timbers were meticulously repaired and restored, as well as adding insulation and oak weather proofing.

We also wanted to restore the slates back to their former glory, to ensure a the barn remains looking spectacular in the long term.

First, we removed all 6,000 of the tiles and cleaned up 4,500 that remained un-broken. This meant we could re-use 75% of the original tiles.

We sourced identical Welsh slate tiles form the local area, and  that identically matched the originals.

The roof is now sound and secure and matches the oak cladding and thatch above it.